What’s so “Ideal” about the Ideal Protein Diet??

The information floating around on the internet about weight loss is down right confusing! So many scams for all kinds of “fat burning pills” and “permanent” weight loss diets. I’m here to tell  you the truth once and for all. There are NO pills or supplements that “burn fat” and there is no such thing as a “Permanent” weight loss solution. The sooner you come to grips with this FACT the sooner you can AVOID SCAMS and focus your efforts on what  you REALLY NEED TO KNOW to lose weight and keep it off! The good news is that It’s not that hard!

      1. It is normal and natural for the body to gain weight. The only people who consistently lose weight  all the time are either on a weight loss diet or sick with a serious disease.

      2. The reason most Americans are overweight is from eating too much sugar and refined carbohydratesMost packaged foods in grocery stores are made from wheat, grains, soy and corn that have been stripped of most vital nutrients so it lasts longer on the shelf. The result is a “refined” carbohydrate product that acts very similar to table sugar in the body. Sugar spikes blood insulin levels in the body. Elevated insulin levels signal the body to TURN SUGAR INTO FAT!   Bottom line: We are overweight because we have elevated insulin levels.

      3. Carbohydrates are NOT bad! In fact the human body runs on a carbohydrate called glucose. Without a constant source of glucose all of your cells and organs would instantly cease to function and die. So don’t become “anti-carb”! When you consume more carbs  than your body demands (especially insulin elevating refined carbs) the excess gets turned into fat. The problem is there are far too many refined carbs available to us and REFINED CARBS TURN TO FAT WAY FASTER THAN NON-REFINED CARBS

      4. If you stop eating carbs your body will “Burn Fat”.  Remember that the body runs on a carbohydrate called glucose. If you deprive your diet of carbs then your body is forced to turn to your fat into sugar! This is called “Ketosis”. Your body will burn fat 100% of the day to make sugar.  you eat something with carbohydrate in it.

 5. Exercise is NOT the most efficient way to shed unwanted pounds. While exercise is an indispensable practice in the quest for health and longevity it is not the most efficient way to lose weight. In order to burn 1 pound of fat you would need to run 26.2 miles. A marathon! The fastest and easiest way to lose weight, ESPECIALLY for females, is Protein-based  ketogenic diet like Ideal Protein.

  6. Low carb diets that use ketosis are the most effective and efficient diets. On a low-carb, Protein-based “Ketosis” diet women will lose 2-3 pounds per week and men will lose 4-5 pounds per week. These results will be obtained WITHOUT exercise. Diets that include fruit and carbohydrate based food will take your body in and out of fat burn and take a lot longer unless you exercise.


By far the most effective and fastest growing medical weight loss program in America is the Ideal Protein weight loss method. This program provides clinical support to dieters as they eat a diet of specialized protein based food made by Ideal Protein on top of 4 cups of vegetables and 5-8 oz of lean meats per day. This method has led millions of people over the past 22 years to their weight loss and weight maintenance goal.

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Village Family Chiropractic is proud to be and independent authorized Ideal Protein clinic. We have been serving the Plymouth MA, Bourne MA and Cape cod area for over 2 years. Our clinic has over seen the loss of 5,400 pounds of fat to date! We are passionate about getting lasting results and helping people reach their goal. We are experts at coaching people through the ideal protein diet system.  Please, if you have a weight loss need you MUST give Ideal Protein a try. It could absolutely transform your life like so many others.

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